Welcome to the One Legged Robin

Here you will find information which I hope you will find both interesting and educational. There are diverse topics including the story of the One-Legged Robin; home cheesemaking and homemade charcuterie. By sharing my personal experiences I hope to perhaps help you understand some of the issues I have dealt with and learned from, such as how to make a cheese press or what are the EU limits for curing salts.

The photo blog aims to provide a story behind the view, not just a collection of photographs. Sometimes the story is personal, sometimes place specific. Check out the Magpie Mine story or the Sandwood Bay Spitfire and of course the Robin’s story.

About me

I am a scientist (biologist) and that may explain some of my ramblings. I do this for fun, you won’t find any annoying adverts or click-bait here.

You can contact me via the contact page, leave comments where available and you can follow me on Instagram.

If you wish to use any of the photographs for any purpose then please do contact me and ask. I own the copyright to all of the images except for a few that I have used from elsewhere, the owner of these is credited.

Website stats

Whilst I don’t get many visitors ( a few hundred per year) I am pleased to say that as of June 2020 I have had visitors from 49 different countries. I have also seen a recent increase in traffic to my charcuterie and cheese-making pages – probably linked to Coronavirus lockdown and people having more time on their hands.

After a number of positive requests, I have added a page of recipes for sausages, cured meats and cheese. I hope you enjoy them. If you are the person who was rather rude about the lack of a Boudin Blanc recipe – try this!

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